Window Cleaning

Why choose BL Property Services as your window cleaner?

BL Property Services is passionate and determined to provide a professional service with excellent results.

We use two methods of window cleaning: the traditional hand cleaning method, and the Reach and Wash System.

Use of each system depends on the height and type of window, as well as the preference of the client.

Below you will find more information about both of our cleaning methods. 

BL Property Services operative window cleaning on building site

Traditional Window Cleaning

At BL Property Services we use traditional window cleaning in the residential sector using     ladders   and a squeegee .

We also use this method to clean internal glass.

BL Property Services operative cleaning windows with our reach and wash system

Reach and Wash (WFP)

We also use the Reach and Wash System to produce superb results from the safety of the ground using long reaching telescopic poles.

We use soft bristled brushes and jets of purified water to leave a spot free  gleaming finish on your windows.

Benefits of using the pure water Reach and wash system

  • Using the Reach and Wash our telescopic pole  allows us to work at height without the danger of using ladders. This ensures that we comply with Health and Safety legislation, as well as the added bonus of maintaining your privacy.

  • The Reach and Wash System allows windows to be cleaned to the excellent standard  of the hand wash method.

  • Our high quality brushes effectively remove dirt from the glass and frames without damage, whilst the pure water leaves windows spotless and without residue.

  • At BL Property Services we are conscious of being as environmentally friendly as possible and so use no harmful chemicals.

  • The Reach and Wash System has the capability to clean windows up to 6 floors!

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