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At BL Property Services, we take our responsibilities very seriously, including those to uphold great customer service, and our responsibility to the environment.

Our Environmental Policy

We like to take every step possible to look after the environment, both locally and globally.  As a cleaning company we understand that some aspects of our work are able to negatively impact the environment if left unmanaged.

Some of the mitigating steps we take to are:

  • The use of environmentally friendly products where possible
  • Minimising our waste production
  • Disposing of waste appropriately through recycling and other practises
  • Coordinating route planning to help us reduce our vehicles carbon dioxide emissions
  • Making our staff aware of their environmental impact through supervision and training
  • Understanding and complying with current environmental legislation
  • Periodically reviewing our product choices and processes in order to maintain the best environmental policies we can.

If you have any further questions on our policy or indeed suggestions, please click HERE!

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